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Product/Service >> Amulet Talisman of Archan Chum Chaikhiri >> Takrud Phra Salika, Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2521

Takrud Phra Salika, Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2521 - คลิกที่นี่เพื่อดูรูปภาพใหญ่
Takrud Phra Salika, Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2521


Takrud Phra Salika, Archan Chum Chaikhiri B.E.2521

Code: 017825

Archan has been specific an occasion for ceremony on Saturday 5th, 5th month (by Lunar calendar), Kuen 5 Kham or Saturday 10th month, or 15 Kham Maha Sitthichock great occasion, should be a good time to created the Yan talisman, both of Salikas, so, when the occasion has come round once again on 16 September Year B.E.2521 as Saturday 10th month and 15th night of new moon (full moon) is abundant occasion as textbooks.

Archan has prepared all of equipments for the ceremony, then, together with well trained 10 senior students of Samnuck that already mastered the concentration Knowledge, and another 10 pupils of meditation beginners go to the Tham Fadd Cave, Tha Muang district, Kanchanaburi Province.

 This is a propitious place Named Tham Fadd (Twins cave) has been used to held many great ceremonies, so Archan Chum has asked permission from Phra Archan Samrit, the Host Abbot who be generous for a ceremony in Twins Cave and did everything followed by textbooks.
Teacher and pupil to formalize the talismans, Phra Yans, both of Phra Salikas. Male Salika on Silver sheet, Female Salika on pure gold sheet. Archan start Brikam prayer and put Salika Yan sheets into water bowl. Male Salika  on the right bowl, Female Salika into the Left bowl, then sitting Brikarm concentrating for a while until all of 200 Yans talisman Silver and Gold sheets rise above water surface and magically circulating Clockwise routine, then pick up from the water, 10 Masters all Brikam while roll Takrud until finished.

Teachers put Takrud into water bowl, Sitting Brikam until Both of Takrud Salika rise together Then circular turn, some slow, some faster up to Power of prayer by the teachers, while 20 of pupils sit there to observe . Everyone can see the miracle of the talisman Takrud Phra  Salika both are moving like they're alive.
When powerful prayer in the Cave can be Verifiable by textbooks, Final step Phra Archan the Author of the book saids must brought both of Salikas to sit Brikam prayer Concentrate to known mind, Inhale think "Put", exhale think "Tho" under Bothi Tree or under Banyan Tree Facing to the East, called Phra Salikas spirits both in the air. Summon Male Salika spirit come in to Phra Yan Salika Tua Pu talisman, Summon Female Salika spirit come in to Phra Yan Salika Tua Mia Talisman, until Salika birds or Chatty birds comes talking and matching on the ceremony tree, then can Prayer to complete the ceremony. Considered both of wonderful spirit beings has come and static in both of Takrud Salikas, Effectively as textbooks has been said.
So when teachers do the ceremony in the cave correctly, some Miracle has happened, at 5:00AM. take both Takrud Salikas out of the cave and sit under the Banyan tree in front of the cave Facing to the East and pray in Buddhist style, Concentrate to known mind, Inhale think "Put," know that "Put" stand for Male Salika, come in Male Salika which stoodstill, like constant Emotions while prayer, then Know breath in and out, send out the winds of mental concentration in to the air all direction, send out Male Salika which stoodstill to bring Female Salika back and think "Tho"and concentrate to inhale softly until "Tho" find "Put" teachers are sitting Brikam for 4 hours, until 9:00AM. Sunday, until Birds chatty type comes matching on the branch of Banyan tree above ceremony area that Teachers are sitting, Then Teacher pray to completed the ceremony, all teacher pupils and  Phra Archan Samrit the Abbot all can witness the miracles all by the book.

Takrud Salika are smallest version of  Takrud (only 8 m.m) made by Archan Chum Chaikhiri for Attractiveness purpose, limited edition only 200 pairs were made in year B.E.2521, the one and only batch.
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